Vertical Heaters

TERI vertical indirect fired water bath heaters are an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally safe addition to TERI’s popular horizontal glycol-water bath heaters. This design can go in an area where the noise or appearance of a standard horizontal heater may face opposition from local residents. TERI vertical heaters offer unmatched design features with a small footprint.

TERI Vertical Indirect Fired Water Bath Heater Applications

  • Heating natural gas prior to pressure reduction to eliminate frost formation downstream of regulation
  • Preventing hydrate formation in well stream fluids
  • Heating well stream fluids prior to phase separation

TERI Vertical Heater Features

  • Higher Thermal Efficiency (75%-85%)
  • Small footprint package
  • Quiet environment
  • Instruments are typically pneumatic
  • Forklift pockets and lifting lugs for ease of installation
  • Stack is not required to be as tall as on horizontal style heaters

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