Horizontal Forced Draft

TERI horizontal water-bath heaters have a capacity range from 1 MM Btu/hr. up to 15 MM Btu/hr. For low-emission requirements, TERI forced draft heaters offer an ideal solution to reduce dead gas film along the tube walls and provide superior burner control, making fine-tuning the air/fuel ratio possible to achieve efficient combustion and lower emissions.

TERI Horizontal Indirect Fired Waterbath Heater Applications

  • Heating natural gas prior to pressure reduction to prevent freezing of valving and instrumentation
  • Heating well stream fluids prior to phase separation
  • Heating of high viscosity fluids to reduce pumping pressures
  • Heating fuel gas at power generation stations
  • Heating at compressor stations
  • Heating high-pressure hydrocarbon gas streams
  • Vaporization of liquid propane
  • Reboiler heating

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