OGI Process Equipment is accessible via a variety of media, and while you can always reach us 24/7 online or via email at, you can also interact with OGI through social media and digital video and audio.

Social media

Facebook Review up-to-the-minute blurbs about OGI’s staff and operations on the OGI Facebook page. Content is more personal with human-interest topics that can be fun or have a serious note. Want to see OGI behind the scenes? Follow us on Facebook.
LinkedIn The OGI LinkedIn page provides longer narratives and thought-provoking questions in addition to more general operational updates from OGI. For a deeper look into OGI productivity, follow us on LinkedIn.
Instagram Think manufacturing plants have nothing beautiful to share? Think again. On the OGI Instagram feed, you’ll find fascinating photos of our TERI and QuikWater units as well as our TotalArc systems. (You might even see some candid shots taken in the office and shop!)
Twitter Need quick updates about OGI without a lengthy narrative? Get right to the facts on the OGI Twitter feed. In 280 characters or less, you’ll catch immediate goings-on at OGI, sometimes with images, sometimes without. Either way, you can get right to the point on Twitter.
YouTube Some things just can’t be explained with words or even in a still image. The OGI Process Equipment YouTube channel provides brief videos on demand. Need to learn the ins and outs of QuikWater control systems or see a TotalArc relighter demo? Watch us on YouTube.

OGI Documentation

OGI White Paper – High-Temperature Shutdown (pdf)



These OGI video segments are also available on the OGI Process Equipment YouTube channel. All videos are free and available on-demand to view as many times as you wish.



OGI webinars are brief, instructional presentations about both basic and advanced concepts pertaining to QuikWater and TERI units as well as TotalArc systems. Our webinars are often led by our engineers themselves, and each webinar includes a provocative Q&A session where we answer questions posed by our audience.

QuikWater Flagship ModelDirect-Contact Water Heater Basics Water Bath Basics WebinarWater Bath Heater Basics Pneumatic Instrumentation WebinarPneumatic Heater Instrumentation, Controls, P&ID, and Available Heater Options
QuikWater Control Systems WebinarQuikWater Control Systems MegaheaterEnhanced Sanitation in the Food and Beverage Industry TotalArcTotalArc – Relighter vs. BMS
QuikWater Custom Controls WebinarCustom Controls for QuikWater Direct-Contact Water Heaters Principles of Combustion WebinarPrinciples of Combustion Introduction to Process Controls WebinarIntroduction to Process Controls
TERI + TotalArc - Engineered to Improve Efficiency WebinarTERI+TotalArc – Engineered to Improve Efficiency QuikWater vs Traditional Boiler WebinarQuikWater vs. Traditional Boilers TERI Preventive MaintenancePreventive Maintenance for TERI Heaters
Pneumatic and Electronic Controls in TERI Applications WebinarPneumatic and Electronic Controls in TERI Applications Electrical and Solar-Powered TotalArc Burner Management SystemsElectrical and Solar-Powered TotalArc Burner Management Systems Sanitization and Production in the Food and Beverage IndustrySanitization and Production in the Food and Beverage Industry
Fuel Gas HeaterMore Than Just a Water Bath: TERI Heaters for Your Unique Application