Here’s How QuikWater
Clean-Burn Technology Works

Incoming water flows downward through a vertical column filled with stainless steel packing rings. As cold water comes into direct contact with rising hot combustion air from a gas burner, a rapid heat transfer occurs, absorbing 99% of the heat energy into the water. Pure, heated water then accumulates in the storage tank for on-demand use.


Patented Technology
That’s as Simple as It Is Smart

QuikWater clean-burn technology enables heat transfer at atmospheric
pressure, which not only eliminates the safety risks associated
with boilers, but also operates at a thermal efficiency of 99%.
Compare this to traditional heating systems with efficiencies
between 65% and 85%.


Our patented water-jacketed combustion chamber provides an
isolated, dry atmosphere that promotes complete combustion,
compared to heaters with burner flames that are positioned
directly in the falling water. Such burners yield incomplete
combustion resulting in contaminated water. QuikWater direct contact
water heating systems enable total combustion without
any water impinging directly on the flame — and the highest fuel
efficiency with zero water contamination.


QuikWater direct-contact water heating systems are revolutionizing the way
industries produce pure, potable hot water on demand. Learn more about the QuikWater Flagship, MultiTower, and MegaHeater, all of which utilize Clean-Burn Technology.

QuikWater Cutaway

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