TotalArc Relighter

The TotalArc Relighter monitors your pilot light ignition system for a flame. In the event your pilot light goes out, the TotalArc Relighter relights your flame and keeps your system running the way it should. The patented design feature closes the burner fuel supply to prevent a buildup of fuel prior to the relighting process. The fuel flow is minimized until a flame is sensed in the firetube.

Developed in 2012 by OGI Process Equipment, the TotalArc Burner Control family was born from the basic need for a reliable flame controller that simply worked. The relighter system itself is basic, but it’s an effective control system that will maintain your heater’s operation reliably even under the worst conditions to which your natural draft heater can be exposed. The first TotalArc Relighter was installed on a customer heater in 2013 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, and is still performing flawlessly today.

Today, its sister, the TotalArc BMS system, can not only relight your fire but can also monitor calls for heat to improve your heater’s performance. Continuing the tradition of reliability and efficiency started by the TotalArc Relighter, the TotalArc BMS has both pneumatic and electrical safety control options providing remote re-lighting capabilities on demand.

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Consistent Relighting; Safer Heating

The TotalArc Relighter is a flame monitoring device that relights the pilot in the event of a flame failure. The TotalArc system has an augmented safety feature which will close the main gas supply to the main burner during a relight event. This minimizes the amount of gas entering the fire tube during the relight process. The TotalArc Relighter must be used with a pneumatic flame safeguard controller. This combination of electronic and pneumatic monitoring will maintain the operation of the heater even if the TotalArc loses power.

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