About Us

Oil, Gas, and Industrial Process Equipment (OGI) designs, manufactures, sells, and services TERI brand and QuikWater® brand products. Created in 2014, but with a long, successful history as previously separate companies, OGI Process Equipment consolidates the technology, engineering, and manufacturing services shared between the brands. We have optimized our resources to deliver the highest standard of product excellence to the industries we serve.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

OUR MISSION IS TO design, engineer, and manufacture energy-efficient process heaters for the comprehensive industrial process heat market.

OUR VISION IS TO ensure the ready presence of energy-efficient process heat for the energy and manufacturing industries.


  • Ensuring all agreed-upon specifications are met completely;
  • Understanding our customers’ requirements and specifications clearly;
  • Delivering to stakeholders in a timely manner with reasonable profitability.

OUR PRIMARY VALUES INCLUDE Dependability, Honesty, Innovation, Respect, and Service-Mindedness.


Our History

OGI Process Equipment company was created to bring together under one shared operations umbrella the storied histories of its TERI and QuikWater® brands through capitalizing on two common denominators: entrepreneurship and heater systems. Now, the same team of trusted professionals our customers have depended upon for years has new strength and resources to better serve our markets.

OGI Process Equipment is creating a history of its own by combining next-generation technology and the latest manufacturing equipment with the same work ethic and family-owned principles that have guided QuikWater and TERI for decades. We employ stringent safety and environmental practices to ensure all of our employees go home safely at night and minimize our environmental footprint.

Sharing our resources between brands means we can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively whether we’re engineering a direct-contact water heating system for the commercial food industry or an indirect fired water bath heater for the oil and gas industry. What’s more, our people enjoy the camaraderie that exists in a united setting where their skills and talents are valued.

Yes, our new history is just beginning, but it will be built on a legacy of quality, integrity, and innovation.


Safety is paramount in all areas of our operation. From engineering, manufacturing and all supporting groups, safety is a part of every employee’s job. Every employee depends on each other to work in a safe manner. Our employees work safe together, which enables OGI to build exceptional products for our customers.